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Nov 08, 2008 im@s MAD Survival Championship III

* im@s MAD Survival Championship III Semi-Final!

Which MAD do you want to see more? Let's vote!

The closing date of voting
16 Nov 2008 at 10:00 (UTC)

The im@s MAD Survival Championship(MSC) is a event that the audience chooses works by voting the work that they mostly want to watch its sequal. MSC3 has already finished two qualifying tests, and 28 works among 124 ones now survive. Let's participate in the voting the semi-final and final.

Block A and B

im@sMSC3 30秒本選 A,Bブロック

im@sMSC3 30秒本選 A,Bブロック (08:04)

2008-11-09 Posted
101 Mylists

Block C and D

im@sMSC3 30秒本選 C,Dブロックver2

im@sMSC3 30秒本選 C,Dブロックver2 (08:04)

2008-11-09 Posted
53 Mylists

To vote MSC3, access the voting site, and chose one work that you mostly want to watch its sequal in each block. To enter "Block A" voting page, click "Aブロック投票会場" link, and click the radio button of your choice, and click "投票" button. Do not forget to click "投票" button again in the confirmation page.

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