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Dec 08, 2008 Pickups

* Morning Musume "Love Machine" by WakamuraP

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Today, I introduce hit works released during the last weekend. The first of them is the latest work of well-known wakamuraP using a great hit-song "Love Machine" by Morning-Musume. This is his first "All Star" work.

See other WakamuraP's great videos below:

* "Colorful Days" by KageyamaP

アイドルマスター 「Colorful Days」765プロALLSTARS

アイドルマスター 「Colorful Days」765プロALLSTARS (02:02)

2008-12-06 Posted
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The second one is a new work of kageyamaP, well-known "challenger against official PV," who make nice MAD movies just like official PVs. "Colorful Days" is a new song included in the new game for PSP, "IDOLM@STER SP," that will be relaesed in 2009. This MAD movie quickly use a sound source of the song recently broadcasted in a radio program. Thoug it is regretful that Miki is not there, this is also an "All Star" work.

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* Denki Groove "Boys Young" by UshiwakaP

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The last one is also an "All Star" MAD movie. This is the latest work of ushiwakaP who is famous for his outstanding color tone. Enjoy his beautiful imaging fitting each idol.

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