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Jan 06, 2009 Pickups

* "A Cape of Age Thirty" feat. Iori by Okina.P

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Because Japanese folk songs, "Enka," have adult atomosphere, NicoM@S MAD movies using Enka tend to feature elder Azusa or calm Yukiho. However, this movie futures unexpected Iori who suits very much!

* Wink "Tremolos in Summer" feat. Azusa and Chihaya by MitsukiP

アイドルマスター 真夏のトレモロ Wink(千早&あずさ)

アイドルマスター 真夏のトレモロ Wink(千早&あずさ) (04:05)

2008-12-30 Posted
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MitsukiP who had produced MAD movies for one and half year retired the end of the last year, and this is his last work. Azusa and Chihaya dance the music of "Wink" that is an idol duo in 1980's and 1990's.

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