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Jan 05, 2009 Pickups

* "KisS" feat. Takane, Hibiki and Miki by Okurayama-TamezoP

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Sad to say, the release of IDOLM@STER SP for PSP was postponed until February, but a lot of information about 961 Production that is a rival of 765 Production and Miki moved to has been disclosed. "KisS" is a track of the CD released by 961 Production. Okurayama-TamezoP expressed great glamour that idols 765 Productin did not have.

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* Sakura Wars "A girl in blooming" by PikkariP

アイドルマスター サクラ大戦 「花咲く乙女」

アイドルマスター サクラ大戦 「花咲く乙女」 (05:33)

2009-01-03 Posted
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PikkkariP exclusively working for Sakura-Taisen MAD movies released a great new work. Though this MAD movie use an ordinary stage, it shows very differently. You must be surprized by its outstanding effects like "Imperial Opera Company."

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* "Gekko(Moonlight)" feat. Yukiho by ajaP

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Yukiho smiling kindly looks transient and pathetic.

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