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May 16, 2009 Pickups

* "I will give you a magic spell" feat. Yayoi by MoaP

Sorry, sm7046095 was deleted.

Though MashiruP's work using this song is popular, MoaP's latest work is also nice. Especially, in the part that all stars casually dance.

* "BREAK DOWN!" feat. Makoto by CannonP

"BREAK DOWN!" feat. Makoto by CannonP

"BREAK DOWN!" feat. Makoto by CannonP (01:46)

2009-05-14 Posted
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The new work of CannonP, one of the finest producers for Makoto, shows Makoto dancing a little speedy music. New casual costume and intercom let him look groovy!

* "Colorful Days ~decision of girls~" by SochoP

Colorful Days ~decision of girls~

Colorful Days ~decision of girls~ (03:05)

2009-05-14 Posted
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At the last, we introduce a little different one. A mysterious book, "Colorful Days," is sent to girls(Ritsuko, Iori and Chihaya) living in the colorless world. They are lead to the colorful world by girls dancing in the book. This work shows you a strech of THE iDOLM@STER MAD world.

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