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Jul 03, 2009 Pickups

* Chihayaloid "Kokoro" by 2banP

Chihayaloid "Kokoro"

Chihayaloid "Kokoro" (04:43)

2009-07-02 Posted
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A great work of "manual-vocaloid" has just come. You can hear the original (song by KAGAMINE Rin as vocaloid) here. This manual-vocaloid using Chihaya's voice sounds quite natural as if Chihaya really sang. FYI, artificial voice until 1:35 is for the dramatic effect of later part. Do not quit listening to the song before it.

* HATSUNE Miku "Tears In Blue" feat. Yukiho by NanohanaP

HATSUNE Miku "Tears In Blue" feat. Yukiho

HATSUNE Miku "Tears In Blue" feat. Yukiho (01:34)

2009-07-01 Posted
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We are glad to introduce a talented newcomer NanohanaP who debuted with a movie using a popular song featuring Miku HATSUNE. He has a quite good sense to let the audience feel a fresh atmosphere.

* TAKUI "FREE! FOR!! FREEEEEEEE!!!" feat. Chihaya by ShigureP

Sorry, sm7507995 was deleted.

ShigureP, one of three major Chihaya-lovers released his new work after a long time. Unfortunately, Japanese skill is necessary to understand its lyrics, but you can feel its hustling style.

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