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Jul 04, 2009 Pickups

* Dew "Kimi-e(For You)" Feat. Ritsuko by TsukaP

Sorry, sm7464494 was deleted.

Today's our first pickup is TsukaP's celebrating MAD movie for Ritsuko's birthday. Unfortunately the movie was late for the day. Thougu Ritsuko's voice has a unique characteristic, such the gentle song suits hers.

* Denki-Shiki Karen Ongaku Shudan(Group of Electric-Style Pretty Music) "Meiso-ni Ochiru Yami(Darkness Corrupting into Meditation)" feat. Haruka by HonaP

HoneP, a participant of Hours of "Black Rose," released his latest work! His style is using a lot of effects, but it is not too much. Enjoy dazzling 99 seconds!

* Origa "player" feat. Chihaya by takoP

Sorry, sm7479637 was deleted.

This is our first pick up of takoP's work. He uses Origa's masterpiece composed by Kanno Yoko, "player," the opening of Ghost in the Shell S.A.C Solid State Sociaty. His stylish video really suits the cool song. Do not miss it with turning the volume up! (because of its low sound level)

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