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Jul 10, 2009 Pickups

* Girl Next Door "Infinity" feat. Miki by RidgerP

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RidgerP has returned with his latest promotion video after a long while! He let us enjoy with his finely worked-out effects, again. Be satisfied to watch this!

* ZUNTATA "Geometric City" feat. Haruka by GMP

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This MAD movie uses a music from TAITO's old shooting game, "RAY STORM." Though there are not so many creators using instrumental music, GMP is famous for his movie letting idols dance music of ZUNTATA, the music team of TAITO, cool.

* "Tooi Ongaku(Far Music)" feat. Chihaya by KashiwagiP

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KashiwagiP depicted the world of "Tooi Ongaku(Far Music)" covered by Chihaya in MASTER SPECIAL 03 CD with his unique painting style. It really suits the song.

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