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Aug 20, 2009 Western Day

* Western Day

Every Thursday,
on Western musics you'll watch GREAT iM@S MAD videos.
Rocks, Pops and sometimes Classical music!?
Don't miss 'em!

* Kraftwork "Showroom Dummies" feat. Makoto by YokozawaPP

Kraftwork "Showroom Dummies" feat. Makoto

Kraftwork "Showroom Dummies" feat. Makoto (03:05)

2009-08-18 Posted
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One week remains before the end of the NoNoWire09 event to make MAD movie with techno music. Not only promotion videos using techno music but one with unexpected styles by unexpected creators come, and it is quite interesting situation. YokozawaPP known by his strange style also released quite curious work. However, it is a little easier to understand than his past work, isn't it?

* 808 State "Pacific State" feat. Azusa by CalifraP

808 State "Pacific State" feat. Azusa

808 State "Pacific State" feat. Azusa (02:30)

2009-08-08 Posted
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Next one is a very laborious work by CalifraP. Though effects that suit an atmosphere of the music are interesting, we should not miss inserted joke scenes.

* MEGURINE Ruka "My Funny Valentine" feat. Iori by NetafuriP

MEGURINE Ruka "My Funny Valentine" feat. Iori

MEGURINE Ruka "My Funny Valentine" feat. Iori (02:06)

2009-08-12 Posted
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The last pickup is also an entry for NoNoWire09. Megurine Luka, the new face of Vocaloid, sings a techno arrangement of the jazz masterpiece. Its tasteful video of Iori's is also nice!

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