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Feb 15, 2010 Pickups from MMDCUPIV


This is not a Roman number. MikuMikuDance Cup IV(MMDCUPIV), named "A New Hope," is now going on. Its preliminary has been already over, now the final vote has just started. As you know, in the NicoM@S Community, there are a lot of fine works using MMD, and many entries for MMDCUPIV is also released. Today, we pick up three nice works amongst them!

* Haruka Amami "Do-Dai" by Netara-P

Haruka Amami "Do-Dai" by Netara-

Haruka Amami "Do-Dai" by Netara- (02:54)

2010-02-19 Posted
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The first video uses an official song, "Do-Dai". There is the "mini wedding dress" as official downloads contents, but in this movie, Netara-P reproduced a real wedding dress with variable other creator's data. Enjoy how cute Haruka is!

* jubeat "Orpheus in the Underworld(EXT)" feat. Haruka

Sorry, sm9689456 was deleted.

Second movie features Haruka, too. "jubeat" is relatively-new music game pushing 4x4 pad with music. Haruka and funny peers dance on the pad in this incongruous movie. Don't think, just feel!

* "A Certain Idol Haruka Amami" by GsamaP

Sorry, sm9689095 was deleted.

Last pickup is a participant in MMDCUPIV of GsamaP, who is very flourished in NicoM@S field. As you can imagine by title, he reproduced an opening movie of a Japanese anime, "A Certain Scientific Railgun" with idols of THE iDOLM@STER. Let's enjoy amazing fusion of MMD and his hand drawing.

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