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Feb 16, 2010 Pickups

* Ritsuko Akizuki "livE" by UtenyanP

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Today's first pickup is a shocking and tragic movie. As UtenyanP wrote, feel free to hesitate to watch it, especially if you do not understand the lyrics of the song. However, it shows a deep story, and Ritsuko finely perform a play.

* Folder5 "BELIEVE" feat. Yukiho by NopoponP

Folder5 "BELIEVE" feat. Yukiho by NopoponP

Folder5 "BELIEVE" feat. Yukiho by NopoponP (02:44)

2010-02-12 Posted
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The second one is a great reproduction movie by NopoponP. The used song is the latest ending song of the most popular anime in Japan, "One Piece." Though you can feel that this is a nice work by watching it, you should check the comparison movie between it and Folder5's original promotion video below in order to understand how great the movie is.

Comparison of Folder5 "BELIEVE"

Comparison of Folder5 "BELIEVE" (02:44)

2010-02-12 Posted
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* Ritsuko Akizuki "Tokyo-wa Yoru-no 7ji(It's 7pm in Tokyo.)" by TsukaP

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Today's last pickup is a single version of TsukaP's part of Ritsuko only medley, "Ricchan-no Omocha-bako(Ritsuko's Toy Box)". Enjoy its upgraded cuteness of Ritsuko!

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