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Apr 03, 2010 Haruka's Birthday

* Haruka's Birthday

Today's the birthday of Haruka! Many movies are published at birthdays of idols in "THE iDOLM@STER" as usual. Haruka is one of the most popular idols, so very many movies for her birthday has been released. It's very difficult to pickup because there are so many great works, but we picked up three of them.

* KUSUNOKI Suzune "Kurenai no Hana (Red flower)" feat. Haruka by KenjoP

KUSUNOKI Suzune "Kurenai no Hana (Red flower)" feat. Haruka

KUSUNOKI Suzune "Kurenai no Hana (Red flower)" feat. Haruka (02:36)

2010-04-03 Posted
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First of all, we pickup kenjoP's tremendous work. If someone who do not know the iDOLM@STER well watch it, he may feel that this is a simple beautiful movie showing idols naturally moving. However, its backgrounds, motions, two kimonos and other items are made from scratch. We wonder how laborious work the movie took with a sigh. Never, never miss it.

* MEIKO "Nostalogic" feat. Haruka by WatabeNanamiP

MEIKO "Nostalogic" feat. Haruka

MEIKO "Nostalogic" feat. Haruka (01:56)

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The second pickup is a works by a popular creator in the MMD category. WatabeNanamiP improved Haruka's 3D model by adding physical motions on her skirt. Enjoy its quite nice quality with a masterpiece song in the VOCALOID community.

* BAMBEE "BAMBLE BEE" feat. Haruka by kuraP

BAMBEE "BAMBLE BEE" feat. Haruka

BAMBEE "BAMBLE BEE" feat. Haruka (01:32)

2010-04-03 Posted
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The last one is kuraP's latest work. "BAMBLE BEE" is a game musig of Dance Dance Revolution 3rd MIX plus, and Haruka dance the music quite cheerfully. It looks simple, but it is really fun. Enjoy it!

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