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Apr 10, 2010 Pickups from DJMAX collaboration

* The individual items from DJMAX collaboration

The full-versions from the omnibus movie, "DJMAX -the Idolmaster Edition -", that we picked up the others day. In spite of its 14 minutes length, the omnibus won every votes of "World's New Movie" in Nico Nico Douga. However, we did not wonder why because of its high quality. Of course, these full-versions are great series, we picked up the most popular three movies from them. It is also nice that all idols of 765 Production appear in their screens.

* "Memory of Beach" feat. Haruka and Chihaya by FugrinP, YonaP and @unkoP

"Memory of Beach" feat. Haruka and Chihaya

"Memory of Beach" feat. Haruka and Chihaya (02:13)

2010-04-04 Posted
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Its interpretation like a pop-out book is quite fun!

* SHIKI "Angelic Tears" feat. Miki, Makoto and Yukiho by DeboP and HaniwaP

Sorry, sm10278920 was deleted.

This is so great work that we feel some kind of holiness on.

* ReX "Heart of Witch" feat. Haruka by deadblue238P

ReX "Heart of Witch" feat. Haruka

ReX "Heart of Witch" feat. Haruka (01:33)

2010-04-04 Posted
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The last one is deadblue238P's second entry for the omnibus. Her Excellency Haruka has just come!

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