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May 04, 2010 Pickups

* Pickups after a little long interval

Because of a big and great festival, regular pickups restart after a 5 day blank. As you can imagine easily, we have a plenty of nice movies to be picked up. How busy it is in the NicoM@S Community!

* "NicoM@S Showa Medley2"

"NicoM@S Showa Medley2"

"NicoM@S Showa Medley2" (14:36)

2010-04-29 Posted
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Showa is the period of Japanese ex-emperor between 1926 and 1989, and April 29th is Japanese national holiday to commemorate Showa era. On the last Showa Holiday, a nice medley using NicoM@S MAD movies using songs in Showa era was released. Though it was often said that the NicoM@S Community includes a lot of middle aged members, we confirmed it. By the way, we don't know why, but we did not pick up the first one of the medley released in 2009. Enjoy 2009's below, too!

"NicoM@S Showa Medley"

"NicoM@S Showa Medley" (04:01)

2009-04-29 Posted
3,237 Mylists

* Perfume "Fushizen-na(Unnatural) Girl" feat. Miki, Yukiho and Chihaya by WakamuraP

Sorry, sm10604365 was deleted.

WakamuraP, One of the NicoM@S Senators(leading creators in the NicoM@S Community), has just released his latest work just after his entry for the KAKU-Tail Party DS. The combination of the iDOLM@STER and Perfume is one of the most orthodox and popular genre, and this is the newest example.

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