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May 05, 2010 Pickups on Iori's Birthday

* Iori's Birthday

It's Iori's birthday, today! On idol's birthday, many MAD movies celebrating her are usually published in the NicoM@S Community. Of course, plenty of works celebrating Iori are now being released! Today, we picked up nice three from them.

* "KE-RA-MAGO" feat. Iori by CalifraP

"KE-RA-MAGO" feat. Iori

"KE-RA-MAGO" feat. Iori (01:36)

2010-05-04 Posted
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Today's first pickup is CalifraP's fine work. He modified an event movie of a Playstation game, "moon," into Iori's live stage. Do not miss Usa-chan(Iori's rabbit doll) playing the piano excellently!

* "ioreatmaniaIIDX 3Qparty" feat. Iori by BehoimiP

"ioreatmaniaIIDX 3Qparty" feat. Iori

"ioreatmaniaIIDX 3Qparty" feat. Iori (13:52)

2010-05-05 Posted
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BehoimiP, the great master among "Kugimiya(Iori's voice actress) disease" patients, also released his latest and laborious work. The symptom of Kugimiya disease is addiction of her invectives, be careful not to be infected the disease when you will watch this movie!

* Iori Minase "fancy baby doll" feat. Iori by AwabiP

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The last one is also a laborious work reproducing the movie of Iori's special live stage using MikuMikuDance. Iori in the anime, "The iDOLM@STER XENOGLOSSIA," was dubbed by Yukari Tamura, the singer of this song, and this is the reason why we put Iori's name on artist's place of the title. Enjoy its distinguished atmosphere of idol's live stage!

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