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Jun 01, 2010 Pickups

* THE iDOLMS@STER Girl's Side "relations -LIVE-" by KoukatsuZenraTomitakeP and RidgerP

THE iDOLMS@STER Girl's Side "relations"

THE iDOLMS@STER Girl's Side "relations" (03:00)

2010-05-29 Posted
5,274 Mylists

The other day, we picked up KoukatsuZenraTomitakeP's tremendous work in the Girl's Side category. After that, the king of NicoM@S Community, RidgerP, joined the movement, and released a collaborated work. Its popularity lets us know how big the potential needs for the Girl's Side. Never miss it!

* Chara "Lemon Candy" feat. Iori by ZensenP

Chara "Lemon Candy" feat. Iori

Chara "Lemon Candy" feat. Iori (02:05)

2010-05-31 Posted
665 Mylists

Though we do not remember how many times we said that this was a great new comer, we have to say it again. The latest great new comer ZensenP has just released his maiden work in the NicoM@S Community, and gains a superb MyList/Views ratio, more than 20%. Let's check his excellent video sense!

* AMAMI Haruka "Kosmos, Cosmos - Radio.edit" by hikeP

Sorry, sm10903679 was deleted.

Today's last pickup is hikeP's cool remix of "Kosmos, Cosmos" from The iDOLM@STER. Its clear and high-quality sound makes us feel pretty good, doesn't it?

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