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May 31, 2010 Pickups

* KAKU-tail Party DSX

The extra part of KAKU-tail Party DS, named DSX was held between May 28 and 30. Though we did not picked up whole the festival, after its finale, participating creators is now releasing the full-version of their entries. We pick up popular works among them, today.

* Tsukiko Amano "Tsuki(Moon)" feat. Chihaya by NatsuRyuP

Tsukiko Amano "Tsuki(Moon)" feat. Chihaya

Tsukiko Amano "Tsuki(Moon)" feat. Chihaya (01:54)

2010-05-31 Posted
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The first one is the first promotion video style movie of NatsuRyuP, and it is also our first pickup of his works. Usually he works in the comedy category of the NicoM@S Community, but he revealed his excellent skill and sense in the new category. Do not miss it.

* Yosei-Teikoku "Eternal Waltz" feat. Yukiho by versusP

Sorry, sm10903315 was deleted.

The second work is versusP's fantastic but a little weird work. As you know, KAKU-tail party is an event to make a MAD movie with randomly assigned idol and theme, its theme is "dance." We are not sure what sense he derived this from such a common theme with.

* Sotte Bosse "Namida-no Koe(Voice of Tears)" feat. Miki by NikitaP

Sotte Bosse "Namida-no Koe(Voice of Tears)" feat. Miki

Sotte Bosse "Namida-no Koe(Voice of Tears)" feat. Miki (02:00)

2010-05-31 Posted
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The last one is also the last entry of the DSX festival. The order of the KAKU-tail party is decided by its host, KitsuneP, and you will understand why he chose this movie as the last one.

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