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Jun 25, 2010 Pickups on Ai's birthday

* Ai's birthday

It is Ai's 13th birthday, today!

* KUDO Yuuki "Shiawase carnival" feat. Ai by KomachiP

KUDO Yuuki "Shiawase carnival" feat. Ai

KUDO Yuuki "Shiawase carnival" feat. Ai (01:47)

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Idols in THE iDOLMSTER DS was expressed in low quality graphics in the game because of Nintendo DS's performance limit, and there were not many movies for their birthday before. However the situation has become past. Due to their 3D models for MikuMikuDance(MMD) as nice as XBOX360, movie creators in the NicoM@S Community can depict their cuteness thoroughly, now. First of all, we pick up KomachiP's work. Ai cheerfully dances a song of Yuki Kudo who also works a actress in Hollywood.

* Shining "Fisheye" feat. Ai by GoogleP

Shining "Fisheye" feat. Ai

Shining "Fisheye" feat. Ai (02:01)

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The next one is GoogleP's work using MMD. We are surprised by his choice of music, but it is quite cool! Ai dancing the music is also nice, isn't she?

* "Chiisana Tenohira (Little Palms)" feat. Ai and Mai by asanagiP

"Chiisana Tenohira (Little Palms)" feat. Ai and Mai

"Chiisana Tenohira (Little Palms)" feat. Ai and Mai (04:38)

2010-06-25 Posted
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The last one is a hand-drawing movie. Ai's story of THE iDOLM@STER DS game also depicts Mai, her mother and a legendary idos, and the movie shows many pictures of their history. Ai's story is quite nice, you should play it if you can understand Japanese!

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