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Jun 26, 2010 Other Pickups from Ritsuko's birthday movies

* Other Pickups from Ritsuko's birthday movies

As we expected, we still have a lot of candidates for pickups amongst celebrating movie for Ritsuko's birthday. We pick up other three nice movies from them, today.

* Rhymester "Last Verse" feat. Ritsuko by CalifraP

Rhymester "Last Verse" feat. Ritsuko

Rhymester "Last Verse" feat. Ritsuko (02:43)

2010-06-23 Posted
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Today's first pickup is also a celebrating movie for Ritsuko's birthday. CalifraP's latest work is a collaboration of avant-garde video and Japanese rap music. Though Japanese skill is necessary to understand whole the movie, you can enjoy its atmosphere.

* Angela Aki "Tashikani(Surely)" feat. Ritsuko by OkurudaP

Angela Aki "Tashikani(Surely)" feat. Ritsuko

Angela Aki "Tashikani(Surely)" feat. Ritsuko (02:25)

2010-06-23 Posted
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Ritsuko has a lot of skillful funs, and we are not sure how many works we should pick up from Ritsuko's birthday movies. The second one is also another fine work by OkurudaP. It looks orthodox, but the nice orthodoxy is quite excellent. Enjoy its dance and song!

* "Ritsuko's Birthday Medley" by ParupunteP

"Ritsuko's Birthday Medley"

"Ritsuko's Birthday Medley" (10:22)

2010-06-26 Posted
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The last one is ParupunteP's quite laborious work. He made a long movie more than 10 minutes by himself for the day. Though you guess that you will find some negligence in it, every part of the movie are quite fine. We guarantee that the 10 minutes will fly like an arrow!

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