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Jul 19, 2010 Pickups for Azusa's birthday

* Azusa's birthday

It is Azusa's birthday, today! Though we have two remarkable omnibus that we should pick up, we show you three movies for her birthday. Enjoy them, and celebrate her together!

* Azusa Miura "Mythmaker" by RenoP

Azusa Miura "Mythmaker"

Azusa Miura "Mythmaker" (03:49)

2010-07-18 Posted
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The first pickup is RenoP's latest work. In his previous work, he showed a nice scene changes and camera works. This movie also attracts us by its cool cutting technique. Enjoy a excellent collaboration of Azusa's masterpiece song and nice video.

* beatmaniaIIDX 16 "smooooch" feat. Azusa by GaZP

beatmaniaIIDX 16 "smooooch" feat. Azusa

beatmaniaIIDX 16 "smooooch" feat. Azusa (01:50)

2010-07-19 Posted
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The second one is a new entry for a popular reproduction series of "smooooch." In the NicoM@S Community, there are several masterpieces in the category, but this is also a nice work. Enjoy Azusa's cuteness fully!

* superfly "Yasashii Kimochi-de(In Tender Feeling)" feat. Azusa by AkaPenP

Sorry, sm11434406 was deleted.

The last one is a orthodox movie by one of creators who declare that Azusa is their wife. Though he is one of them, we can understand how much he loves her to watch the movie. Do not miss it.

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