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Sep 17, 2010 Pickups from Ryugu Komachi's movies

* Explosion of MAD movies featuring "Ryugu Komachi"

Just after the release of THE iDOLM@STER 2 3rd and 4th promotion video, many nice MAD movies using it were immediately made in the NicoM@S Community. Today, we pick up nice ones among them featuring Azusa, Iori and Mami's new unite, "Ryugu Komachi," again!

* Perfume "VOICE" feat. Ryugu Komachi by GomaP

Perfume "VOICE" feat. Ryugu Komachi

Perfume "VOICE" feat. Ryugu Komachi (02:03)

2010-09-17 Posted
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Today's first pickup is GomaP's latest work featuring "Ryugu Komachi." Perfume is also a popular unit consists of 3 girls in Japan and the NicoM@S Community, and the movie looks like "Ryugu Komachi" performing the song by GomaP's nice synchronization. Enjoy its nice combination!


Sorry, sm12130804 was deleted.

The second one is a remix edit of the unit's first official song, "SMOKEY THRILL." Though GEN-ZOP quickly released it just after the official promotion movie, its quality is almost perfect. How skillful creators work in the Community! Do not miss it.

* "Hakushon Dai-Maoh" feat. Ryugu Komachi by FrauP

"Hakushon Dai-Maoh" feat. Ryugu Komachi

"Hakushon Dai-Maoh" feat. Ryugu Komachi (01:25)

2010-09-17 Posted
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The last one is a MAD movie using the opening song of Japanese oldest comedy animation, "Hakushon Dai-Maoh(Great Satan of Sneezing)." The Stylish danc of "SMOKEY THRILL" looks very unrefined with such song. This is a magic of MAD movies :-)

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* Patrick (Oct 09, 2010 23:14)

That's cool, but if the 6th PV of iDOLM@STER 2 comes, then Ryugu Komachi (Iori, Azusa and Ami) should sing His World from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. If they did, fans think that version of His World would be darn tough but cute because of Iori.

* Patrick (Oct 09, 2010 23:16)

Also on the 7th PV, Yayoi, Iori and Ami should sing Reach For The Stars, from the new Sonic game, Sonic Colors. If they did, then their version of Reach For The Stars would become SUPER cute.

* Patrick (A Sonic and iDOLM@STER Fan) (Oct 09, 2010 23:19)

In fact, the 6th PV should be called, The Supersonic 6th PV, that involves that the idols sing 10 Sonic songs to dedicate Sonic's 20th Anniversary, like these:
Iori, Azusa, and Ami: His World (Sonic 2006)
Makoto, Takane, and Chihaya: Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2)
Iori, Ami, and Yayoi: Reach For The Stars (Sonic Colors)
Takane, Hibiki, and Miki: I Am All Of Me (Shadow the Hedgehog)
Haruka, Chihaya, and Yayoi: Sonic Heroes (Sonic Heroes)
Yayoi, Iori, and Ami: Race To Win (Sonic Rivals 2)
Iori, Yukiho, and Ritsuko: Open Your Heart (Sonic Adventure)
Hibiki, Iori, and Yayoi: It Doesn't Matter (Sonic's theme from Sonic Adventure 2)
Mami, Chihaya, and Yukiho: Gotta Go Fast (Sonic X Theme Song)
Ritsuko, Azusa, and Haruka: Endless Possibilities (Sonic Unleashed)
I hope they can do that so they can dedicate Sonic.

* Patrick (A Sonic and iDOLM@STER Fan) (Oct 09, 2010 23:25)

Then if they made the 7th PV, it involves that Iori, Azusa, Ritsuko and Ami sing Tonight from Luna Sea. Then that version of Tonight would be REALLY awesome. I hope they do that!

* Patrick (Sonic and iDOLM@STER Fan) (Oct 10, 2010 17:37)

And then, the 8th PV involves Iori, Yayoi and Ami singing Team Rocket's theme song, Maemuki Roketto Dan/Facing-forward Team Rocket so they can dedicate Team Rocket. I hope so.

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