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Sep 18, 2010 Pickups, JUPITER also comes

* JUPITER also comes.

The information about JUPITER, the rival unit by 961 Production, has been just released in Tokyo Game Show 2010. The unit consists of 3 boys, Touma, Hokuto and Shouta. Check the official 5th promotion video below, now! (Its stage scene begins at 0:50.)

* KAT-TUN "Real Face" Feat. JUPITER by GsamaP

KAT-TUN "Real Face" Feat. JUPITER

KAT-TUN "Real Face" Feat. JUPITER (01:51)

2010-09-18 Posted
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GsamaP who enjoys an established reputation for his quick work made a MAD movie featuring JUPITER just after the release of its official PV. You can't believe that creators in the NicoM@S Community needs only a few hours to make such a fine movie, can you?

* BECCA "I'm ALIVE -Another Edition-" feat. Miki, Haruka, Mami and Yukiho by GsamaP

BECCA "I'm ALIVE -Another Edition-" feat. Miki, Haruka, Mami and Yukiho

BECCA "I'm ALIVE -Another Edition-" feat. Miki, Haruka, Mami and Yukiho (03:11)

2010-09-18 Posted
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This is another edition of the MikiMikiDance Prize-Winning Work in MikuMikuDanceCup V by GsamaP. He made it under the permission by BatabataP, the creator of the original one, and tuned it up with his established skills. Do not miss it!

* Iori Minase "LOST" by KelmaP

Iori Minase "LOST"

Iori Minase "LOST" (02:56)

2010-09-11 Posted
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The last pickup is KelmaP's lyrical movie featuring Iori. Though hot days still continue in Japan, it finely shows an autumn atmosphere. Compositing between live-action and toon-shading is quite difficult, KerumaP finely did it.

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