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Nov 22, 2010 Pickups

* Makoto Kikuchi "tear" by under79P

Makoto Kikuchi "tear"

Makoto Kikuchi "tear" (01:44)

2010-11-22 Posted
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In the NicoM@S Community, for every releases of new songs by The iDOLM@STER idols, creators enthusiastically make their MAD movies as immediate as possible. In yesterday's mid night , Makoto's new song was broadcasted in a radio program, the iM@S Station, just several hours later several MAD movies using the song were released. under79P's took only about 5 hours, but it was not in the first position.

* beatmania "la Bossanova de Fabienne" feat. Azusa by AerieP

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On the last Saturday, AerieP challenged how many MAD movies he could make in the day, and finally he did eight! Though this is his seventh work at that day, you must be amazed by how fine it is! Enjoy Azusa's jaunty dance!

* beatmania "With your Smile" feat. Makoto by CannonP

beatmania "With your Smile" feat. Makoto

beatmania "With your Smile" feat. Makoto (01:45)

2010-11-21 Posted
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We should pick up this creator's work after Makoto and beatmania. The newest work of CannonP who makes a movie every month uses music of a music game, beatmania, as usual. Though it looks quite orthodox dance movie, he finely extracts Makoto's maximum charms by choosing facial expressions and synchronizing dances.

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