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Nov 23, 2010 Pickups for Miki's birthday

* Miki's birthday

It is Miki's birthday, today. Of course, guys in the NicoM@S Community who love her made a lot of MAD movies for the day. Today, we pick up fine three of them, but it may take to pick up all nice ones... Anyway, celebrate and enjoy the day!

* AKB48 "Kimi-no Koto-ga Suki-da-kara(Because I Love You)" feat. Miki by GsamaP

Sorry, sm12828089 was deleted.

Today's first pickup is a celebrating movie with all his might by GsamaP, one of the most famous Miki lovers. AKB48 is one of the most popular girl's idol group, and its songs finely suit the video of the iDOLM@STER. Though it is superb work, we have to announce that GsamaP will take rest for a while. Let's look forward to his coming back soon!

* Q;indivi "Voices -Q;indivi House Remix-" feat. Miki and Chihaya by TakaCP

Q;indivi "Voices -Q;indivi House Remix-" feat. Miki and Chihaya

Q;indivi "Voices -Q;indivi House Remix-" feat. Miki and Chihaya (04:26)

2010-11-23 Posted
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Do not be fooled its ordinary thumbnail. Though this is our first pickup of TakaCP's work, we are sorry that we haven't done it. The quality of his recent works are quite excellent, and we believe that he will be quit popular in the NicoM@S Community, very soon. Never miss its quite stylish movie!

* BONNIE PINK "Pump It Up!" feat. Miki by FlyinP

BONNIE PINK "Pump It Up!" feat. Miki

BONNIE PINK "Pump It Up!" feat. Miki (02:42)

2010-11-22 Posted
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The last one is a quite orthodox movie by FlyinP. When we write "orthodox," you can expect very high quality and a comfortable movie. This movie also never let you down. Just enjoy it!

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