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Dec 24, 2010 Pickups

* Pickups for Yukiho's birthday

It is Yukiho's birthday, today! A lot of movies for the day have been released in the NicoM@S Community. Of course, it is Christmas eve, too. We pick nice ones among them, and let's enjoy them and celebrate her!

* Ave;new Project "Snow of Love -Hard Dress Style-" feat. Yukiho by AsahinaP

Ave;new Project "Snow of Love -Hard Dress Style-" feat. Yukiho

Ave;new Project "Snow of Love -Hard Dress Style-" feat. Yukiho (03:09)

2010-12-24 Posted
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The first one is AsahinaP's. The voice characters of its vocalist, Sakura Saori, is so similar to Yukiho's voice actress that the movie looks Yukiho sings the song. Enjoy its fine combination!

* I've feat. Mami Kawada "For our days" feat. Yukiyo by MigishitaP

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The second one is a quite orthodox MAD movie by MigishitaP. His soft focused effects really suits Yukiho's fair skin, and its combination with used slow song makes us relax. Let's celebrate her!

* TOWELS "Good luck to you" feat. Yukiho by TobatoP

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Though we have not picked up his/her works before, TobatoP is a movie creator in hand-drawing category who shows cute and expressive style. In this work shows a straight story that 765 Production colleagues cheer up a crybaby, Yukiho, and her rising in the last scene encourages us, too.

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