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Dec 25, 2010 Pickups

* Happy Holidays!

Though it is quite popular in Japan to celebrate Christmas, the number of Christians is not so many. For such a strange situation, we use a politically correct greeting for you. A lot of MAD movies for Christmas were released these days, and movies for Yukiho's birthday are still being released. Today, we pick up some of them!

* MOON CHILD "Hallelujah in the snow" by YotsuyanP

MOON CHILD "Hallelujah in the snow"

MOON CHILD "Hallelujah in the snow" (06:30)

2010-12-24 Posted
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The first one is YotsuyanP's last movie featuring all-stars before he will rest. Idols in Christmas costume dance a Christmas song by a Japanese music group, MOON CHILD. Let's look forward his early return to the NicoM@S Community!

* Nadeko Sengoku "Ren-ai(Love) Circulation" feat. Iori by dodoP

Nadeko Sengoku "Ren-ai(Love) Circulation" feat. Iori

Nadeko Sengoku "Ren-ai(Love) Circulation" feat. Iori (01:32)

2010-12-24 Posted
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DodoP who is famous for his love for Iori released his own Christmas costume for her using MikuMikuDance(MMD). 3D models of The iDOLM@STER idols for MMD has been getting better and better, and they now strongly attract us. Enjoy the very Christmas movie!

* Q;indivi "Happy Birthday" feat. Yukiho by thumbP

Q;indivi "Happy Birthday" feat. Yukiho

Q;indivi "Happy Birthday" feat. Yukiho (02:21)

2010-12-25 Posted
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ThumbP's latest work is a quite straight celebrating movie for Yukiho's birthday. Yukiho dancing on vivid back ground fully shows her cuteness. Enjoy and sing together!

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