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Jan 04, 2011 Pickups

* ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION "Rewrite" feat. Haruka by HiziryP

Sorry, sm13192041 was deleted.

Though this is our second pickup of HiziryP's work. He/She debuted with a fine work last October, and he/she did not have his nickname, HiziryP, yet. After several month, he released a quite nice PV style movie. Do not miss it!

* Yasuyuki Okamura "Super Girl" feat. Maou Angel by SkipFloorP

Yasuyuki Okamura "Super Girl" feat. Maou Angel

Yasuyuki Okamura "Super Girl" feat. Maou Angel (03:31)

2010-12-30 Posted
186 Mylists

Used song is an ending theme of a Japanese anime, "City Hunter 2," in late 1980s, and this movie was made for "iM@S Zanmai," the anime song festival in the NicoM@S Community held on the last New Year's Eve. We hope you to enjoy that the fan made idol unit, Maou Angel, dance the nostalgic song.

* Hikaru Utada "letters" feat. Makoto by Yuu2P

Hikaru Utada "letters" feat. Makoto

Hikaru Utada "letters" feat. Makoto (03:20)

2010-12-31 Posted
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Today's last pickup is a popular combination in the NicoM@S Community, Hikaru Utada and Makoto. Yuu2P is one of the popular movie creators in the category, and released her latest work. It shows variety of experimental effects, and the Japanese text in its latter part tells you a fairytale of a dragon and a princess. We hope you to enjoy them with its unique color tones.

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