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Jan 05, 2011 Pickups

* Dance Dance Revolution 2 "KIMONO PRINCESS" by TokachiP

Dance Dance Revolution 2 "KIMONO PRINCESS"

Dance Dance Revolution 2 "KIMONO PRINCESS" (01:46)

2011-01-05 Posted
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Hey! We are so excited that TokachiP's latest work has just come! As you expects, we believe that it will make you comfortable and happy. It's not necessary to talk about its details, just enjoy the sweetest fruit in the NicoM@S Community!

* NUMBER GIRL "MANGA SICK" feat. Yayoi by NeoGohanP

Sorry, sm13191741 was deleted.

The second one is the second work of NeoGohanP who we payed attention since he debuted. Though his maiden work was very stylish, he improved his style beyond it. Its screen structure and color tone are not showy but quite cool. Do not miss it!

* HAGIWARA Yukiho "ALRIGHT* (Happy Dance mix)" by YU-TOP

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At last, we shows you a remix of The iDOLM@STER original song that we rarely picked up. Though it does not include video, YU-TOP arranged Yukiho's "ALRIGHT*" into a happy hardcore style. Her clear voice suits its pop arrangement very much.

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