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Jan 17, 2011 Pickups

* Ongoing Innovation of the MMD M@ster category.

In the last weekend, many fine works using MikuMikuDance were released in the NicoM@S Community. Today, we pick up nice three movies among them. The mighty supporting tools of MMD, MikuMikuEffect and KINECT, are raising an innovation in the Community. Do not miss it!

* saiya "BREEZE" feat. Makoto by F-sanP

aiya "BREEZE" feat. Makoto

aiya "BREEZE" feat. Makoto (01:41)

2011-01-14 Posted
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You should believe your self impression on its thumbnail. The first one is the most expected new work by F-sanP, who won the first position of the iDOLM@STER Weekly Rankin with his previous work. Though we have already picked up another movie using the same motion data, we believe that you can enjoy F-sanP's cool effects and camera angles. Do not miss it!

* Mika Nakashima "Yuki-no Hana(The Flower of Snow)" feat. Tomomi by GtamaP aka GsamaP

Mika Nakashima "Yuki-no Hana(The Flower of Snow)" feat. Tomomi

Mika Nakashima "Yuki-no Hana(The Flower of Snow)" feat. Tomomi (05:16)

2011-01-16 Posted
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GtamaP aka GsamaP is now working very hard to use KINECT in MMD, and you can watch the current cutting edge achievement of the combination in this movie. She captured its motion data by herself with KINECT, and let Tomomi dance the song. We believe that you will be amazed by its quality!

* SPITZ "Robinson" feat. Haruka by SKQP

Sorry, sm13315828 was deleted.

The last one is a laborious work by SKQP. This is our second pick up of his/her works, and it finely shows an atmosphere of rehearsal of a music group. Though 3D data of definitive music instruments on the screen are available freely, he/she shows them nicely. Probably he/she did not use KINECT, but idols' motion is also great. Never miss it!

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