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Jan 20, 2011 Western Day

* Western Day

Every Thursday,
on Western music you'll watch GREAT iM@S MAD videos.
Rocks, Pops and sometimes Classical music!?
Don't miss 'em!

* The Rubettes "Sugar baby love" feat. Azusa, Haruka and Iori by ULinerP

The Rubettes "Sugar baby love" feat. Azusa, Haruka and Iori

The Rubettes "Sugar baby love" feat. Azusa, Haruka and Iori (03:49)

2011-01-16 Posted
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The first pickup is an quite orthodox movie with the live version of a very popular song. Though this is our first pickup of ULinerP's works, he/she shows quite sound video editing skill, and the movie finely depicts a cheerful live atmosphere. Enjoy it!

* Bardot "These Days" feat. Makoto by moninoP

Bardot "These Days" feat. Makoto

Bardot "These Days" feat. Makoto (01:16)

2011-01-15 Posted
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The second one is an expected work by moninoP whose maiden work we picked up before. He/she greatly improved his/her skill, and finely shows a stylish and calm atmosphere featuring Makoto. This is also an entry for MakoMakoRin Cup event. Do not miss it!

* Michael Bublé "Haven't Met You Yet" feat. Azusa by NeoGohanP

Sorry, sm13346465 was deleted.

The last work is NeoGohaP's latest work that we have looked forward to. He/She is a new comer who debuted last December, but his/her stylish movies quickly became popular. This movie looks simple, but it's elegant color tones are also quite stylish. Enjoy it!

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