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Jan 21, 2011 Pickups

* Takane's birthday

It is Takane's birthday, today. Though there is not a lot of material of idols of 961 Production, many celebrating movies are just being released. We pick up nice ones soon!

* saiya "BREEZE" feat. Makoto by GtamaP aka GsamaP

saiya "BREEZE" feat. Makoto by GtamaP

saiya "BREEZE" feat. Makoto by GtamaP (04:30)

2011-01-19 Posted
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These days, GtamaP aka GsamaP works too hard to pick up all her works! Quite nice motion data for the song is freely available, so there are many NicoM@S MAD movies using it. GsamaP also uses the motion, and add her own parts, Miki's costume and some motions to reproduce the original PV of the song. Do not miss it!

* KAB. "Rail" feat. Azusa by 225P

Sorry, sm13343482 was deleted.

This is a self re-upload of 225P's old work released in 2008. He/She has left the NicoM@S Community for a while, and he/she just comes back. We are not sure whether he/she will make new works, but we look forward to them. Enjoy its story of Azusa and her producer.

* beatmaniaGOTTAMIX "HELL SCAPER" feat. Makoto by WacWacP

beatmaniaGOTTAMIX "HELL SCAPER" feat. Makoto

beatmaniaGOTTAMIX "HELL SCAPER" feat. Makoto (01:32)

2011-01-20 Posted
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Though MakoMakoRin Cup was over several days ago, some late movies were released. In the NicoM@S Community, such late works are often very good, and this is also the example. Enjoy its comical dizzy effects!

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