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Feb 21, 2011 Pickups

* Minami Kuribayashi "STREAM JET" & Yoko Higasa and so on "SUPER SUPER STREAM" feat. Miki, Haruka and Yukiho by GyoP

Today's first pickup is a set of opening theme and ending one of "Infinite Stratos" animation. GyoP's artistic synchronization and scene changes make the movie quite comfortable. Do not miss it!

* "Makoto and my right hand" by Peconhagen_HachiyaP

"Makoto and my right hand"

"Makoto and my right hand" (02:09)

2011-02-20 Posted
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We picked up a movie challenging the barrier between our real world and The iDOLM@STER's ideal world. Today, we are very glad to show you its legitimate follower movie. Peconhagen_HachiyaP's right hand easily interacts though the barrier. Enjoy it!

* ave;new feat. Rie Shirasawa "Jewel Colors -charme-" feat. Iori by aramaxP

ave;new feat. Rie Shirasawa "Jewel Colors -charme-" feat. Iori

ave;new feat. Rie Shirasawa "Jewel Colors -charme-" feat. Iori (02:10)

2011-02-21 Posted
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The last pickup movie on today is this bright one. aramaxP said he wants to produce this before "the Idolm@ster2" is released. This song's bright atmosphere and bright stages are very fitted with Iori. Check it out!

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