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May 05, 2011 Western Day

* Iori's birthday

It is Iori's birthday, today. Iori has a lot of devoted lovers, and they have already released many excellent celebrating movies including a superb medley. We will pick them up tomorrow, and we hope you to look forward to them!

* Western Day

Every Thursday,
on Western music you'll watch GREAT iM@S MAD videos.
Rocks, Pops and sometimes Classical music!?
Don't miss 'em!

* Pray for Japan!

You can make donation for the earthquake/tsunami sufferers in Japan via PayPal:

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* The Vives vs DJ Pop "Lust for life remix" feat. Haruka by PoP

The Vives vs DJ Pop "Lust for life remix" feat. Haruka

The Vives vs DJ Pop "Lust for life remix" feat. Haruka (02:46)

2011-05-02 Posted
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PoP who enjoys an established reputation for his stylish and unique MAD movies like this has just released his latest work after half a year blank. In the movie, he/she deployed the MMD to let idols perform variety of actions. Never miss it!

* Effie White(Jennifer Hudson) with Deena Jones(Beyoncé Knowles) & the Dreams "Dreamgirls(FINALE)" feat. Miki, Takane and Hibiki by Miki.bmP

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Miki.bmP attracting a great deal of attention also released a fine work using a non-Japanese song. Dreamgirls is a movie depicting an idol unit consisting of three girls, and he/she reproduced the stage scene. Do not miss it!

* Jackson 5 "I want you back" feat. Hibiki by ShioP

Jackson 5 "I want you back" feat. Hibiki

Jackson 5 "I want you back" feat. Hibiki (06:16)

2011-04-30 Posted
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ShioP who always lets us enjoy by his certain movie skill also releases his latest work. In the movie, he uses Jackson 5's masterpiece, and reproduces its stage movie featuring Hibiki and other four iM@S idols. Never miss Hibiki playing Michael's part!

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