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May 06, 2011 Pickups for Iori's birthday

* Iori's birthday

It was Iori's birthday, yesterday. Because she is one of the most popular idols in The iDOLM@STER, a lot of her producers released nice movies for the day. We pick up superb three among them. The rest are too good to let them go, we will show you them after tomorrow, too.

* Iori Minase Medley "IoMelo!"

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We believe that there is no doubt that this is the leading movie for Iori's birthday in 2011. 15 movie creators loving her shows variety of their skills without stint. We guarantee its 13 minutes will go like an arrow. Never miss it!

* Yukari Tamura "Oshiete(Teach me) A to Z," "You & Me" and "fancy baby doll" feat. Iori by AwabiP

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AwabiP's celebrating movie for Iori is a tremendously laborious work using MMD. He made a live style movie showing Iori's stage that she sings a medley consisting of three songs. With effective video direction, we really enjoy the atmosphere of her live. In addition, do not miss the guest performer, too!

* Rie Kugimiya & Ryoko Shiraishi "AFTER 0:00" feat. Iori and Azusa by KelmaP

Rie Kugimiya & Ryoko Shiraishi "AFTER 0:00" feat. Iori and Azusa

Rie Kugimiya & Ryoko Shiraishi "AFTER 0:00" feat. Iori and Azusa (01:32)

2011-05-05 Posted
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After the discovery of blue back command for The iDOLM@STER Live for You, a lot of MAD movies with variety of background stages were released. Though the same command has not found yet, a massively powerful video processing tool to clip characters from the original background has just released. Let's confirm its power and future possibility in KelmaP's excellent work!

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