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May 07, 2011 Pickups

* Pray for Japan!

You can make donation for the earthquake/tsunami sufferers in Japan via PayPal:

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* RIP SLYME "Nettai-ya(Tropical Night)" feat. Chihaya by Miki.bmP

Sorry, sm14377117 was deleted.

Miki.bmP who works very hard recently released an erotic movie. It shows Chihaya and other four sexy idols dancing slowly an moody music, and we have to point out its extremely erotic atmosphere. Confirm and enjoy the quality of 3D models in The iDOLM@STER 2!

* ZABADAK "Hoshi-gari(Excursion for Viewing Stars)" feat. Iori by Obando-P

ZABADAK "Hoshi-gari(Excursion for Viewing Stars)" feat. Iori

ZABADAK "Hoshi-gari(Excursion for Viewing Stars)" feat. Iori (03:40)

2011-05-05 Posted
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Obando-P, the winner of "No Swing No Meaning" prize in Miku Miku Dance Cup VI, also released his celebrating movie for Iori's birthday. ZABADAK was a popular folklore music group in 1990s, and he reproduced its stage featring the iM@S idols. Especially, do not miss Iori's violin solo in the middle using MMD!

* Miki Hoshii "Little Match Girl"

Miki Hoshii "Little Match Girl"

Miki Hoshii "Little Match Girl" (02:10)

2011-05-06 Posted
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Though he debuted in the NicoM@S Community one year ago, he has not had his nickname yet. However, her movie skill is quite certain, and it shows nice clipping and composite video using The iDOLM@STER 2 material. Feel the future possibility of the NicoM@S Community!

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