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May 11, 2011 Pickups

* Pray for Japan!

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* sakanaction "intro=Kikuu-iki(Steam Air Area)" feat. Chihaya, Haruka and Miki by ShimaP

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We believe that this ShimaP's new work will be legendary, we put "Super" tag on it. Sakanaction is one of leading music groups in Japan, and ShimaP combined their cool music with stylishly retouched video. The only word that we can describe the movie is "cool." Never miss it.

* NoaNowa "Your Song" feat. Iori by ReasonP

NoaNowa "Your Song" feat. Iori

NoaNowa "Your Song" feat. Iori (04:15)

2011-05-05 Posted
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This ReasonP's fine work was released for Iori's birthday, and we are sorry that we could not pick it up on that day. NoaNowa is a Japanese music group consisting of four men and a girl, and ReasonP made a nice stage video featuring Iori. His/Her conscientious video editing makes Iori look like singing the song. Do not miss it!

* Sayaka Sasaki "Heaven's gate" feat. Chihaya, Makoto and Miki by abP

Sayaka Sasaki "Heaven's gate" feat. Chihaya, Makoto and Miki

Sayaka Sasaki "Heaven's gate" feat. Chihaya, Makoto and Miki (02:45)

2011-05-10 Posted
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The last one is also a stylish movie using The iDOLM@STER2 video material. We guess that abP like Sayaka Sasaki, the singer of the used song, and he also used her song in his past work. Enjoy his conscientious work!

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