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May 29, 2011 Pickups

* Miki, Hibiki and Haruka "MEGARE!" by YamanekoP

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YamanekoP who debuted with a superb maiden work has just released his new work! As his/her previous work, he/she used his/her own 3D models of The iM@S idols. Do not miss their cuteness, and we hope you to enjoy many jokes inserted in the movie!

* Chisa Yokoyama, Michie Tomizawa and Rei Takano "GEKITEI" feat. Haruka by PikkariP

Chisa Yokoyama, Michie Tomizawa and Rei Takano "GEKITEI"

Chisa Yokoyama, Michie Tomizawa and Rei Takano "GEKITEI" (01:29)

2011-05-28 Posted
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This is PikkariP's study work. He always shows us what he wants idols to be by modifying video naturally, and this movie also shows Haruka in altered costume. We are afraid of that it is too natural for us to understand how great skills are fully used in it. Do not miss it!

* AMAMI Haruka "Looking for Love" by crongP

AMAMI Haruka "Looking for Love"

AMAMI Haruka "Looking for Love" (02:13)

2011-05-29 Posted
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We close today's pickups with the MAD movie using a rare song. Though "Looking for Love" is in "Vocal Collection" CD that is a little minor, it is The iDOLM@STER official one. Enjoy Haruka's low tone singing voice that is different from usual hers.

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