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May 28, 2011 Pickups

* Yukiho Hagiwara "Honey Heartbeat - Yukipo-electro mix -" by GEN-ZOP

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Today's first pickup is GEN-ZOP's latest work after a little long blank. GEN-ZOP exclusively work to make electro arrangement of Yukiho's voice, and this is the newest one using a new number in The iDOLM@STER 2. Enjoy its nice arrangement with a plenty of bass and dance it!

* TRF "frisky a GO-GO!" feat. RyuguKomachi and Mami by MukirinP

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MukirinP works very hard recently, this movie released three days ago has not been the newest one. TRF is a Japanese popular music group in 1990s, and five idols dance its song quickly. Enjoy its live atmosphere and gorgeousness!

* wowaka feat. Miku Hatsune "Unhappy Refrain" by KanchouP

wowaka feat. Miku Hatsune  "Unhappy Refrain"

wowaka feat. Miku Hatsune "Unhappy Refrain" (02:02)

2011-05-20 Posted
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The last one is a new fine work in the voc@loidm@ster category to use songs featuring VOCALOID like Miku Hatsune. The used song "Unhappy Refrain" was originally composed by wowaka who has several extremely popular songs that gained over one million views. KanchouP challenges such the masterpiece and finely succeeded. Enjoy its nice synchronization!

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