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Aug 29, 2011 Pickups on Makoto's birthday

* Makoto's birthday

It is Makoto's birthday, today. Makoto has a lot of enthusiastic fans in the NicoM@S Community, and they are releasing their full-power celebrating movies for her. We pick up very nice three among them today!

* Mayu Kudou covered by Makotoloid "Heart-catch Paradise" feat. Makoto by TsubasaP and DorionP

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The legendary manual vocaloid master, DorionP, released the latest work after a long while. Though the naturalness of his works was excellent, we have to say that it is unnaturally natural. TsubasaP made vivid and laborious video nicely expressing the lyrics. Never miss it!

* Ken Ishii "EXTRA" feat. Makoto by haruharaP

Ken Ishii "EXTRA" feat. Makoto

Ken Ishii "EXTRA" feat. Makoto (02:33)

2011-08-29 Posted
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HaruharaP's celebrating movie for Makoto is a parody of the legendary original PV of the used music in 1995 below. He/She nicely expresses its cyberpunk atmosphere with his hand-drawing works, featuring Makoto. Do not miss it!

* The Rolling Stones "Paint It, Black" feat. Makoto by SO2P

The Rolling Stones "Paint It, Black" feat. Makoto

The Rolling Stones "Paint It, Black" feat. Makoto (02:22)

2011-08-29 Posted
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One of the most stylish movie creators, SO2P, also released his celebration for Makoto. Though we usually pick works using non-Japanese songs on every Thursday, we could not hesitate to do it. Its unique sketching effect finely brings a stylish and underground atmosphere. Do not miss it!

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