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Oct 03, 2011 Pickups

* NoaNowa "Pee-Kaa-Boo" by TatsuoP

NoaNowa "Pee-Kaa-Boo"

NoaNowa "Pee-Kaa-Boo" (01:42)

2011-10-02 Posted
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Though full versions of many entries for KAKU-tail Party 6 are being released, we do not pick them up because we picked up all Party's movies. However, TatsuoP's "full version(modified)" is an exception, because its title is a trick. Enjoy TatsuoP's completely new work! By the way, TatsuoP' is the name of an omnibus unit consisting of AnsokukouP, ChatamaruP, JinnaiP, HashiP and CAMELP.

* Yayoi Takatsuki "Kirame Kirari" by ShagiP

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ShagiP works in Anime MAD area, and this is his first work in the NicoM@S Community. His video nicely shows Yayoi's cheerfulness and cuteness, using The iDOLM@STER anime material. Enjoy it!

* One Ok Rock "Mi-kansei Koukyou-kyoku(Incomplete Symphony)" by GtamaP aka GsamaP

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GtamaP aka GsamaP attends to Nicom@sRockFes2011 with this movie. This is truly what is called an anime music video. GtamaP uses scenes of The iDOLM@STER anime. Especially, she uses scenes of live events, so it has an uplifting feeling. Watch out!

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