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Oct 04, 2011 Pickups

* The iM@S Allstars "READY!!" by AwabiP

The iM@S Allstars "READY!!""

The iM@S Allstars "READY!!"" (01:39)

2011-10-02 Posted
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AwabiP's latest work may be a monumental work to bring MAD technologies cultivated in the NicoM@S Community into the AniM@S category. Its dazzling video effects is one of the achievements of the Community. Enjoy it and expect future work in the fusion.

* Hitomi Shimatani "Camellia" feat. Azusa by TakaCP

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TakaCP, one of the most active movie creators in the NicoM@S Community, challenged the very popular song that has already had several great works such as DorionP's and WakamuraP's in his latest work. His one features a quintet unit led by Azusa. Enjoy the renewed one!

* Lon&Junky "Sweet Magic" feat. Haruka by IchikaP

Lon&Junky "Sweet Magic" feat. Haruka

Lon&Junky "Sweet Magic" feat. Haruka (03:37)

2011-10-01 Posted
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We are happy to pick up a great achievement of creator's community in NicoNicoDouga, again. The used song is composed by an amateur composer, Junky, and sung by an amateur singer, Lon. IchikaP integrates available Haruka's 3D model and dance motion for the song into this cheerful movie. Do you want to take part in such the community? Yes, you can. Enjoy it!

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