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Nov 01, 2011 Pickups

* Makoto, Azusa and Chihaya "Kami(God) Summer" by RenoP

Makoto, Azusa and Chihaya "Kami(God) Summer"

Makoto, Azusa and Chihaya "Kami(God) Summer" (02:17)

2011-10-30 Posted
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There were too many new songs to pick them up at the same time, and we finally show you a normal PV of a new song, "Kami(God) Summer," by RenoP. He has tuned up camera motions and capturing environment since the release of The iM@S 2 for PS3, and reached a first milestone. Enjoy the quality of the original PV!

* Negoto "Charon" feat. Takane by TsubameP

Negoto "Charon" feat. Takane

Negoto "Charon" feat. Takane (03:23)

2011-10-28 Posted
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In The iM@S 2 game, Takane has a little nihilistic feeling on her life in the early phase, and she gradually overcomes it with her producer. TsubameP's movie nicely shows such a piece of the story. If you do not understand the caption, you can feel something from her facial expressions. Enjoy it!

* UNCHAIN "Never Too Late" feat. Ritsuko by TamatyP

UNCHAIN "Never Too Late" feat. Ritsuko

UNCHAIN "Never Too Late" feat. Ritsuko (02:01)

2011-10-31 Posted
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TamatyP has just come back to the NicoM@S Community with The iDOLM@STER 2. The latest work is a stylish movie using the monochrome effect. Tiles showing the used song's lyrics is also interesting screen structure. Enjoy her charms fully!

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