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Nov 02, 2011 Pickups

* Perfume "Spice" feat. Haruka, Chihaya and Miki by MasterBallP

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The combination of The iM@S and Perfume is a source of many masterpieces. MasterBallP quickly released the movie using it. The used song is Perfume's new number, and idols' costume are also inspired by Perfume's one. Do not miss it!

* Kuuki-Kodan "Kokoro-Gokoro(Mind Feeling)" feat. Haruka by MusuhiraP

Kuuki-Kodan "Kokoro-Gokoro(Mind Feeling)" feat. Haruka

Kuuki-Kodan "Kokoro-Gokoro(Mind Feeling)" feat. Haruka (01:32)

2011-11-01 Posted
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MusuhiraP's new work shows an heartwarming atmosphere, featuring Haruka. In The iDOLM@STER 2, she plays the leading role, and sometimes shows her broad-minded character. This move nicely express such recent her. Enjoy it!

* DE DE MOUSE "my favorite swing" feat. Ami and Mami by YotsuyanP

DE DE MOUSE "my favorite swing" feat. Ami and Mami

DE DE MOUSE "my favorite swing" feat. Ami and Mami (01:46)

2011-11-02 Posted
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The combination with DE DE MOUSE is another source of masterpieces like this, and YotsuyanP challenged it. The lyrics of the unit's song is not in a real language, it means that everyone equally feel them in a foreign language. Enjoy it!

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