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Dec 13, 2011 Pickups

* iM@SHUP of Chihaya Kisaragi "Me-ga Au Toki(The Moment of Eye Contact)" & Factoria "revive" by ShigureP

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One of the most Chihara lovers in the NicoM@S Community, ShigureP, released his newest work after a while. He challenged a completely different category, The iM@SUP, to make mash-up music using The iM@S songs. Enjoy its clear and natural arrangement!

* LUNKHEAD "Shoegazer" feat. JUPITER, Chihaya and Haruka by k.t.Aki@TsusanP

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An outstanding new comer, k.t.Aki@TsusanP, released a new movie mainly featuring JUPITER. The unit is now getting popular among the audience of The iDOLM@STER anime, because of its story. He uses a variety of source of video, and shows a story between them and, Haruka and Chihaya. Enjoy it!

* Perfume "Oishii Reshipi(A Delicious Recipe)" by Nomin-pooP

Perfume "Oishii Reshipi(A Delicious Recipe)"

Perfume "Oishii Reshipi(A Delicious Recipe)" (01:12)

2011-12-12 Posted
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What do you mean when you use the word "cute"? Nomin-pooP uses cute and pop music with funny dance for this movie. Not all of it is filled with girlish things nor cute things, but it make us feel fun and cute. Don't miss it!

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