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Dec 14, 2011 Pickups

* SEXY-SYNTHESIZER "NieR:Kyusoku(Rest)" feat. Takane by JinseiP

SEXY-SYNTHESIZER "NieR:Kyusoku(Rest)" feat. Takane

SEXY-SYNTHESIZER "NieR:Kyusoku(Rest)" feat. Takane (04:14)

2011-12-11 Posted
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This is our first pickup of JinseiP's works. He debuted last November, but his movie skill is so sure that we can not hesitate to pick up his latest work. The used music is from a tribute album of a game, "NieR," and finely depicts its atmosphere featuring a mysterious idol, Takane. Do not miss it!

* Yukiho Hagiwara "Kosmos,Cosmos Spacy Spice Remix" by NoshisuP

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Though another skillful music arranger, NoshisuP, debuted in last August, this is our first pickup of his works. You might wonder what "space spicy remix" is, but you can understand it if you listen to the remix. Enjoy!

* Color Bottle "Jonetsu-no Uta(The Song of Passion)" by SanpatsuyaP

Color Bottle "Jonetsu-no Uta(The Song of Passion"

Color Bottle "Jonetsu-no Uta(The Song of Passion" (05:19)

2011-12-13 Posted
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The girls in The iDOLM@STER has their passion to become idols, and SanpatsuyaP nicely depicts it with "The Song of Passion." He assembled various scenes to show their story. Captions just shows lyrics of the used song, but you can enjoy the story more if you can understand Japanese.

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