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Jan 30, 2012 Pickups

* "Jibun REST@RT" by 0801Ps

"Jibun REST@RT"

"Jibun REST@RT" (02:15)

2012-01-27 Posted
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This movie made by asthmaP, NendP, HabaneroP, HotchiP and LogicP. Unexpectedly, this takes only 2 minutes. But it's so concentrated. With the end of lyric "I don't want it to be just a dream.", at last... Just wait until you see!

* Perfume "Laser beam" feat. Takane, Haruka and Miki by RukaniP

Sorry, sm16807955 was deleted.

Next, we pick up the latest work of RukaniP. You can't stop taking in brilliant and vigorous dance, which fit very well with cheerful and energetic song. Watch out!

* HOSHII Miki "Happy synthesizer" feat. Miki by SeptumP and KumiaichoP

HOSHII Miki "Happy synthesizer" feat. Miki

HOSHII Miki "Happy synthesizer" feat. Miki (01:34)

2012-01-29 Posted
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SeptumP liked KumiaichoP's work of vocaloid by humans. And then, he made a movie Miki dancing with the song. It's so good movie that we feel grateful.

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