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Jan 31, 2012 Pickups

* HASHIMOTO Miyuki "Symphonic Love" by UshirokuP

HASHIMOTO Miyuki "Symphonic Love"

HASHIMOTO Miyuki "Symphonic Love" (01:38)

2012-01-29 Posted
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We don't select movie purposely but today, we pick up people who debut as producer in Nicom@s Community. First, We pick up UshirokuP's. Watching this movie, we can watch how Miki cute very much. If you love Miki, you may be happy by watching it.

* AMAMI Haruka, HAGIWARA Yukiho and KIKUCHI Makoto "Omoide no Hajimari(The beginning of memories)"

Sorry, sm16823575 was deleted.

Second, it's made by a nameless producer and is his/her first work. We feel admiration for his/her selecting because the scenes fit well with the lyrics.

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* Do As Infinity "Desire" feat. Chihaya

Do As Infinity "Desire" feat. Chihaya

Do As Infinity "Desire" feat. Chihaya (02:03)

2012-01-30 Posted
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It's also a first work and the producer has no name yet. This movie is a work which has standard pv style. It's nice to offer us from the first at a burst. So it's satisfactory that it is tagged as "favorable new comer".

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