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Oct 12, 2012 Pickups

* "Ai ga kaoru koro ni" (from Sakura Taisen) by PikkariP

"Ai ga kaoru koro ni" (from Sakura Taisen)

"Ai ga kaoru koro ni" (from Sakura Taisen) (05:19)

2012-10-11 Posted
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What an incredible work! We always have a high hope in PikkariP, but his work is so much better than we expected that we can't help admiring it in great awe. Never, never miss it!

* DREAMS COME TRUE "Nando demo" feat. Haruka and Chihaya by Becchi

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Haruka didn't give up calling Chihaya's name to extend a helping hand, the voice touched her heart. And Chihaya did to Haruka next, as that is written in the lyrics of the song.

* JaccaPoP "MIRU key way" by Milkman

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This is Milkman's debut work in the Nicom@s community. As you notice if you see it for only 10 seconds, this AniM@S MAD movie makes us feel pleasant and comfortable. Well, such words are not enough to praise it. Anyway, watch it!

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