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Oct 13, 2012 Pickups

* GANAHA Hibiki & Folder5 "Believe" by AkapenP

GANAHA Hibiki & Folder5 "Believe"

GANAHA Hibiki & Folder5 "Believe" (03:50)

2012-10-10 Posted
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This is also a celebration movie for Hibiki's birthday. AkapenP used a mixture of a cover song included in the new CD "THE IDOLM@STER ANIM@TION MASTER Namassuka SPECIAL 01" and the original. Hikibi's lively high-spirited performance makes us feel pleasant!

* RURUTIA "Itoshigo yo" feat. Haruka by Ribon

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This is Ribon's latest work. The lyrics of this song says that "Only I satisfy you. Let your wings not work to prevent you leaving me behind." Haruka holds an unchallenged position in the combination with such songs. We feel the tension in the air.

* Naomile "I am a DOG" feat. Iori by AtelierP

Naomile "I am a DOG" feat. Iori

Naomile "I am a DOG" feat. Iori (04:14)

2012-10-12 Posted
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You will notice that Iori is not herself in this AtelierP's movie. She seems to be deeply attached to someone. We feel happy from such her appearance.

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