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Jan 25, 2013 Pickups

* 765PRO ALLSTARS "READY!!" by KemaribuP

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Since the delivery of the 7th live clothes as a downloadable content began, KemaribuP created such an incredible video! As you can see, we can't understand how he/she edit this video. Anyway enjoy!

* Iori, Yayoi, Ami and Mam "Otona no Hajimari" by KanataP, KansouMoyashiP, NamonakiMichiP and MachinegoP

Iori, Yayoi, Ami and Mam "Otona no Hajimari"

Iori, Yayoi, Ami and Mam "Otona no Hajimari" (03:46)

2013-01-25 Posted
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It's a fun video! This song expresses the feeling of low-teen girls who yearn for a grown woman. Though they went out of control in The iDOLM@STER animation episode 2.

* Sucrette "lovely my girl" feat. Haruka by CordaP

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We think that CordaP is a promising new comer. This first work is simple, but you will be surely satisfied with well-synchronized dance and Haruka's prettiness.

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